ALAE is an academy formed by lobbyists and experts in European Affairs in Brussels, that helps young professionals starting their career on EU affairs to launch their career and start to be productive for their company in one week.

Our training incredibly alleviates the struggle and difficulties that many organizations go through when a new person is joining and training is required:

  • Unnecessary and excessive waste of resources (reallocating existing resources towards the newcomer)
  • Burnout of senior employees.
  • The lack of a structured training system to give him/her the EU affairs fundamentals that will pay off during his/her entire presence in the organization.

We teach how to work on EU affairs with tailor-made legislative examples to properly set the basis of EU affairs work in the new student

Need coaching on how the EU institutions work, internal procedures, tools for advocacy and legislative monitoring?

Training a new intern or junior on EU affairs is always very burdensome, requires a lot of time and resources. It is even more painful when your team already is already overloaded with work and they do not have the time and energy to dedicate it to the new intern or junior.

The purpose of our training is to save your team from the burnout and from unnecessary waste of time. The purpose of our fast-track course is to quickly launch him/her to working levels in a few sessions in less than 1 week, achieving concrete results and outcomes from the first day.

The course sets the structure of how to work on EU affairs in the working habits and mindset of the newcomer. It will bring him/her very fast back on track!

The legislative examples used for our tailor-made course are shaped according to our customer's interest (environment, finance, international trade, consumer policy, etc.) to put him/her at pace of the organization.

¡Let us help you to jump into the EU bubble!

ALAE EU Academy

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we understood how difficult it was to get the basic knowledge on EU affairs, especially when most of the team was homeworking and it was difficult to provide personalized support to the new intern/junior. To avoid unnecessary struggles in your organization and bring the newcomer up to a working level very fast, we developed tailor-made courses that will help him/her to quickly develop those necessary skills, understand how to work on EU affairs and have the basis for continue learning more independently.

The project was born from the initiative of two policy experts who struggled a lot during the COVID pandemic to acquire the necessary training and knowledge associated on EU affairs. Our objective is to make the most from the resources you're spending.

Our fast-track training solves all the initial struggles interns and juniors deal with and provide them knowledge about the available tools to start playing the EU game:

  • Legislative monitoring.
  • How and who to lobby.
  • Steps you're in the legislative procedure and how to act in each one of them.
  • Details to consider before reaching out to MEPs and attachés.
  • Different working documents (strategies, action plans, motions for resolutions, delegated acts, implementing acts, communications, etc.).
  • How different organizations take political positions and how to compare them.
  • How to extract political messages from a document/intervention.
  • Relevant concepts (enforcement, entry into force, implementation, application, provisional agreement, etc.).
  • And much more!

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